Article 1: As a member of the 77th Star Empire, I hereby go forth by my duty to honor and respect all those entrusted with leadership and to those who are led by my duty. I will serve at the best of my ability to further the renown of the 77th in all that we do.

Article 2: My rank is my responsibility to the team. My support for fellow members will always be present. As a member of the 77th I have the right to choose to be part of the team and to serve at whatever capacity I may, however, when I am part of said team I will loyally and without question follow the orders of the commander’s appointed above me. Every ranking officer shall uphold the responsibility entrusted to them to lead an individual or team.

Article 3: The true wealth of the organization is its members. Not in credits nor any other system of currency. As a member of the 77th, I will place no other member above myself, wealth or materialism, reward or office.

Article 4: I will never forget that I am a member of the 77th. I am responsible for my actions and dedicated to the principles upon which this organization was founded.

Article 5: All forms of mutiny, coercion, harassment and persecution will be met with swift and decisive action.

Article 6: All alts would be required to serve within the 77th realm or its subsidiaries to best uphold organizational continuity.

Article 7: Don’t forget to have fun together! If it looks interesting and sounds exciting encourage others to join you in your adventure. This is how we grow and establish lasting friendships that the heavens themselves will fail to contain.

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