Teamspeak Info


Teamspeak Information :


The 77th uses Teamspeak 3 as its main line of communication between guild members, and all new guild members are urged to connect to the server where possible such that pertenant information can be disseminated to all ranks within the fleet. And promotions can be given and ranks can be maintined.

Most importantly, the Teamspeak server allows fleet members a level of communication that facilitates team game play (with no effective alternative). Within teamspeak we have the ability to properly teach people with verbal communication how to play startrek online or any other game we play.


Downloading & Connecting to the 77th Server :

Downloading Teamspeak 3 is incredibly simple to do, just following this link and download "Teamspeak 3 Client" and follow the installation instructions :


Once the installation is complete, enter the following information after hitting the "Connection" button (Ctrl. + S) :

Server Address :

Port Number :9987 or 9986

Server Password : There is no password !

Nickname : This is the tag that will represent you when your in the Teamspeak server. Due to the number of people that connect to our server from different fleets, its easier to recognise people if the following template is used - For example, Vice Admiral Tanner connects to the Teamspeak Server with the following nickname :

=77= Tanner @Captn_Jay2

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