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This website was established to further put the word out about the 77th, We are a multi-national multi gaming guild. 

The guild was founded in 2010 in the Game Star Trek Online Which we are still very active and competitive in. Being a 4 year veteran of the game and extending our influence into other games , some of the leaders of the 77th have decided to make a full push into Star Citizen and what it has to offer. Most of will never fully leave star trek but as times go on so must we. 

Currently we have SEVERAL dedicated members in the 77th who have already backed the game and will be joining us for the beta, that number is growning, We are looking for you to join our ranks and become part of our community as we explore this new verse , and seek out new game styles and everything else Star Citizen has to offer.

The 77th has more then 1500 members under our wing and our goal is to teach and unite each one of them into our community here and on Teamspeak and In game. 

If you would like to join our ranks for Star Citizen please fill out the application and tell us a little about yourself.


Guild Leader 




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